Research : Depth Estimation in Light Field Camera (March 2018 – July 2018) I have also worked with Prof. Yongri Piao in the Light Field area of CV when I was in Dalian University of Technology (China). My research topic was Depth Estimation in Light Field Camera. This project was then awarded with National University Student Innovation Project.
Summer research: homeokinesis in self-organizing robot control (May 2020 – September 2020) I had recently worked with my supervisor Prof. Michael Herrmann this summer in the research of deep homeokinetic control in robotics. We did many experiments on both simulated robots and real robots. Goal: 1.Guided self-organization: homeokinesis can generate many interesting behaviours and we want to control and manipulate the robot to make more 'useful' behaviours 2. Improve the homeokinesis / deep homeokinesis and find a more efficient variant of the DIAMOND model. 3. Experiments on DIAMOND model with multilayers.