My interest in Machine Learning
Career goal
In my years in UoE, I’ve taken many ML,DL,RL courses. I also watched Cambridge University ML courses online and a huge difference is that you inspire us to research, make assumptions, and prove. I believe I have these skills, I want to prove my new ideas and try anything possible to make it work. With Cambridge University resources, I will be able to embark on my ideas further and quicker. In past year, my research is self-organizing robots and for robotics you cannot afford to use very long time to acquire sufficient data, usually it will be partially observable, however limited data can also be of great use, making sense of which machine learning data are useful is more important than simply getting more data. This is another reason I want to study ML further. Not only in robotics, in other fields such as NLP and CV, you need to know much more than basics how to use data and which data to use for your ideas to make sense theoretically and mathematically. I am so eager to combine ML in different software projects and I want to do even more! I am an apple developer and I’ve made ios app using my pre-trained yolov3 to do image recognition. I have developed cart pole self-played ios game with q-learning in RL using Core ML in swift. I have also developed a 2-D robot simulation app where the robot can perform some self-organizing behaviors inspired by my summer research. I am very accustomed to using Unity ml-agents library for a year.This is my curiosity and adventure with ML
I want to research and work in the robotics lab in the future, I want to work for companies that especially aim at developing autonomous robots, because I believe one day robots with a much more powerful brain to think for itself and have its own human-like behaviours and interactions with the environment around them. I also want to work in medical robotics centre, because I want to design microchips that encoded AI information and help in disability treatment. I believe one day the wheelchair users or the prosthetic arm users will be able to sense and feel just like we did. There are already breakthroughs in this area where people can control the prosthetic arm through brain’s neural net. I’m aiming to improve their behaviour skills through my research in self-organizing robotics. I have even wider plan of the future, I believe we can do mind transfer in the future, not only surgical brain transfer. Elon Mask’s microchip made this not an unreachable dream.