Jerry Zhao
As for my personal talent, I am often obsessed with the wonderful world that music brings to me, which possess the function of precipitate and purify the anxieties and worries of my mind. I can play the piano and guitar. During my life in U.S, I played the piano for the children of kindergarten and spread Chinese culture. I love life, I like reading, and I am also fascinated by history and philosophy. In the winter of 2017 I have taken part in the cross cultural communication research activities, not only does it broaden my horizon, it also makes me experience the complexity of the exotic life. At the same time, my diary of nearly 10000 words is shared through my friends to relieve their doubts. My diary also helps people around me to see themselves in a grander view, and encourage them to look outside. In the academic field, I attended the academic exchange project in universities of Hong Kong organized by the by the School of Communication, which refreshes my understanding of Hong Kong.I also attach great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, the ability to study independently. I am a fearless person with abundant confidence, determination and perseverance. I understand there might be endless difficulties in my way, but I believe no matter how hard it is, I will finally work it out. I am willing to making friends. I like talking with others to know more about them. Many foreign experiences make me adapt myself into new environment quickly. I have the tendency to express my views. After reading and experiencing I have set my own way of inspecting the world, life, also myself. And I’m increasingly concerned on hot topics, such as world affairs, minority’s rights, innovation trend. In recent years, I have engaged myself into several international BP debates tournaments, including Beijing Debate Challenge (BDC), Shanghai International Debate Open (SIDO). I was also selected as one of the members of the MUN training team. I’ve also had another bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Dalian Univerisity of Technology(DUT) in China before the University of Edinburgh. This is why I have much preliminary electronic related knowledge. I have huge interests in game development in Unity and app development incorporating machine learning. I am an apple ios developer and I’ve made ios app using my pre-trained yolov3 to do image recognition with iPhone camera. I have also developed apps using Core ML in swift to do q-learning in RL. I have developed a cart pole self-played ios game with q-learning in RL. I have also developed a 2-D robot simulation ios app where the robot can perform some self-organizing behaviours inspired by my summer research. I am very accustomed to using Unity ml-agents library for over a year. I like building robots, I have self-made many robotic projects with ML and CV, and I’m really fond of raspberry pi. My repeated fall and climb-up in searching for innovation has taught me never to lose perseverance and persistence and to strive for perfection; Through every practice in life, I see more of the world and myself. I am not afraid of challenges. Whenever it comes, I will always find a way to work it out.
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